Our Team at COP-14 in Poznan Poland

Our team is landing in Poland today!  Dr. Beth Sawin of Sustainability Institute, Dr. Tom Fiddaman of Ventana Systems, and Travis Franck of MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change are all at the UN meeting, learning and engaging others in using our simulator, C-ROADS.

If you are in Poznan and interested in hearing a short presentation about the work and decision-maker-oriented sims in general, catch “Impacts of and adaptation to climate change in Europe” hosted by the EEA from 10:30-12:30 on 11 December in the EU Pavilion, #9 — they’ll speak for the final 10 minutes or so.

Included here are pictures of Travis, Tom, and Beth, respectively, in case you see them in line for coffee.

Travis Francktom-fiddaman-photobrsphot