En-ROADS Climate Ambassadors

What is the Ambassador Program?

The En-ROADS Climate Ambassador Program is a unique leadership opportunity intended for highly-motivated facilitators of the En-ROADS Climate Workshop and Climate Action Simulation game. Although anyone is welcome to run these events, our Ambassadors are a distinct cohort of volunteers who are committed to mastering our tools and spreading data-driven climate insights across the globe.

Joining the En-ROADS Climate Ambassador program is free, and applications are open to any member of the public who has completed the Mastering En-ROADS Training Program and run at least two events with En-ROADS.

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Why be an ambassador?

We developed the En-ROADS Climate Ambassador program as a way to support our most dedicated En-ROADS facilitators. Our team works closely with our Ambassadors to grow our network, run international events, and deliver crucial insights to decision-makers using the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator. Together, we hope to inspire meaningful climate action in legislative halls, board rooms, communities, classrooms, and beyond.

The En-ROADS Climate Ambassador program provides you with a tangible opportunity to become a climate leader and lead engaging events in your field. We work hard to support our Ambassadors by leading interactive webinar sessions, creating supplementary materials, and promoting Ambassadors on our website and social media. Being certified as an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador is a credential you can leverage in your professional settings, and it can help you stand out as a climate leader. Beyond this, becoming an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador provides you with a chance to collaborate with others in the Ambassador network, expand your event audiences, and gain valuable leadership experience.

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Become an Ambassador

The Mastering En-ROADS Training Program will prepare you to successfully lead events using the En-ROADS simulator—covering everything from event planning, to advanced facilitation tips, to deep dives on the system dynamics driving model behavior. The following steps outline what is necessary in order to apply to become an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador.

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To begin your journey as an Ambassador, sign up for the “Mastering En-ROADS” training series . The course is free and runs for 8 weeks. You can work through it at your own pace with the option to join weekly live meetups if they are available. Throughout the course, you’ll participate by watching video lessons, reading materials, taking interactive assessments, and connecting with other learners.

2. Learn from Others

You can learn a lot by watching others lead events. We encourage you to watch at least two examples of an En-ROADS event being run. To do this, you can attend an event in-person, attend a virtual event , or watch an event recording . Also, we encourage you to learn by connecting with other Ambassadors-in-training via the community discussion boards on the training platform.

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3. Run Events & Get Feedback

All Ambassadors-in-training will need to practice leading at least two En-ROADS events and register them on our website before applying. These can be sessions of the En-ROADS Workshop, Climate Action Simulation game, or Guided Assignment. If needed, these events can be small and casual. Many Ambassadors often practice for friends or family. We encourage you to collect feedback from at least 5 participants so that you can improve your facilitation skills. You can use this feedback form (it will not be submitted formally).

If you feel confident in your understanding of the model and your ability to facilitate successful En-ROADS events, then it’s time to apply! If your application is accepted we will send you a certificate of course completion via email. At this point, you are officially an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador! If you are interested, we will add your profile to our Ambassadors’ bio page .

Our Ambassadors are from all over the world—representing many different nations, languages, backgrounds, and interest groups. One day, we hope to have 7,700 Ambassadors total, or an Ambassador for every one million people in the world. Begin training today and join our movement of international climate leaders!

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If you have any questions about the Ambassador program or training plan—be sure to visit the Climate Interactive Support Desk to explore our FAQs or ask a specific question.

Register Your Event

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Have you run an En-ROADS event recently, or are you planning one in the future? Great—please register your event and it can be added to our map! Registering your event allows us to better understand our events, users, and participants, and can also help us connect you to our global community.

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Ambassador Resources

  • Climate Interactive Support Desk
    Have a question about the Ambassador program or training plan? Visit our support desk to explore FAQs or ask a specific question.
  • Event Feedback Form
    An evaluation form for your event participants that can help you improve your facilitation.
  • Outline of Expectations
    A document which details the expectations on the roles and guidelines of being part of the ECA community, as well as how Climate Interactive will support the community.

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Other ways to get involved

Are you looking to do more with Climate Interactive? There are many additional ways you can step up and help our programs succeed. Climate Interactive has thrived with the help of thousands of engaged, thoughtful and diverse volunteers all over the world.