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Simulator Support Resources

The En-ROADS Simulator

Access the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator online for free. Build your own climate future and share your scenario!


The En-ROADS User Guide

A comprehensive guide that provides background on and user support for the En-ROADS Simulator.

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En-ROADS Webinars

Watch a webinar recording or take part in a live webinar event to learn more about the En-ROADS Simulator.


Mastering En-ROADS Training Program

A free training if you are interested in learning more about En-ROADS, how to run an event, or climate dynamics in general.


En-ROADS Translations

If you are looking to run En-ROADS or an event in another language, explore this page to see what resources we have available.


En-ROADS Videos

Watch videos to learn more about En-ROADS – including our training series, event recordings, simulator dynamics and more.


One-page Guide to the Control Panel

A guide that provides a basic overview to the main sliders in En-ROADS – this can be used for individual support or as part of an event.


En-ROADS Reference Guide

Take a deep dive on the documentation of the model structure and assumptions behind En-ROADS in this ~400 page manual.


En-ROADS Overview Handout

This one-page summary provides a brief snapshot of what the En-ROADS Simulator is and how it is used.


En-ROADS Experiences

The En-ROADS Climate Workshop

Learn more about this group experience which uses En-ROADS to explore climate solutions in real-time.


The Climate Action Simulation game

Lead an engaging game where participants role-play as global stakeholders and use En-ROADS to build a collective climate strategy.


The En-ROADS Guided Assignment

A worksheet that allows users to build an En-ROADS scenario on their own—a great tool for educators.

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User Support

Climate Interactive Support Desk

Explore our database of questions about the En-ROADS Simulator—from the science behind the model to how it’s is used.

Support desk

Contact us

Ask a specific question about En-ROADS, the training program, running an event, or other aspects of our work.


Community Forums

An online forum to connect with other facilitators, discuss model dynamics, and share advice and personal experiences.


En-ROADS in the Business Sector

Explore how the En-ROADS Workshop and Climate Action Simulation have been used to spark sustainable action in the business sector.


Multisolving & En-ROADS Slides

Slides that can be used with En-ROADS to explore examples of co-benefits around health, equity, and more.

mslv slides

Multisolving Guide to the Control Panel

Use this one-page guide to explore co-benefits and an equity perspective on the main sliders in En-ROADS.

mslv guide

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