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Explore our suite of easy-to-use, scientifically-grounded climate simulators built with MIT.

Simulation Models

Engage groups with transformative and interactive experiences—either online or in-person.

Games and Workshops

Join our free training program to become a climate leader who can drive effective action.


Our Offerings

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The En-ROADS Simulator

Explore En-ROADS, a climate solutions simulator that models cross-sector policies for energy, transportation, land use, and new technologies to limit climate change.


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Interactive Events

Access our learning-oriented experiences which offer a rewarding way to deliver data-driven insights on effective climate action.

Interactive Events

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Climate Leadership

Our En-ROADS Ambassador network is a distinct cohort of people who are committed to mastering our tools and sharing data-driven climate insights across the globe.


Systems Thinking

Learn more about systems thinking, a set of tools and approaches that help leaders be as strategic and effective as possible in a complex and interconnected world.

Systems Thinking

Our Impacts

People have run our climate workshops and role-playing games in 160 countries with over 300,000 participants.


Our network of over 700 En-ROADS Climate Ambassadors are running events worldwide and delivering critical insights on high-leverage and equitable climate action.

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Ahead of the 2022 passage of US climate legislation, our team and MIT engaged 128 members of the US Congress with the En-ROADS climate solutions simulator.

ECA Camp 2023: Mastering En-ROADS live cohort, starting October 19!

Join our ECA Camp 2023 live cohort for an intensive 8-week program, starting October 19th. Immerse yourself in our free Mastering En-ROADS course, featuring live sessions, interactive group activities, and collaborative peer learning. During this course, you will advance your understanding of both the En-ROADS Simulator and its complementary learning experiences. You will explore the dynamics driving our climate and energy system, delve into interdisciplinary climate solutions, gain valuable facilitation skills, engage with themes of equity and justice, and much more. Upon completion of this training, you will be prepared to become an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador and be part of this ever-growing global community dedicated to driving climate action. Read More


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