Online Tools for Climate Engagement & Curriculum

As part of Climate Interactive’s mission to create accessible, learning-oriented tools and simulations, we are proud to provide a suite of free, online resources to deliver critical insights for understanding and addressing climate change. Whether you are trying to reach geographically diverse audiences, or are navigating the challenges of remote learning or working from home – we offer a portfolio of online resources and experiences.

Our tools focus on “learning by doing”, and are geared towards helping people better understand the complicated relationships between climate, energy, policy, and beyond. At the same time, many of our tools offer opportunities to discuss multisolving principals – such as the implications of climate solutions as they pertain to global health, equity, justice and well-being.

Have any questions about using our online tools? Be sure to visit the Climate Interactive Support Desk .

Learn & Participate

Sign up for a free online event, such as the En-ROADS Workshop or Climate Action Simulation. These experiences provide an opportunity for you or your audience to remotely participate in an engaging learning experience.

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Join an event

Experiment with the simulator and create your climate vision using En-ROADS – a user-friendly climate solutions simulator developed by Climate Interactive and the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative.


Create a scenario and share it

Use our tailored video and guided worksheet to walk through key learning points of the En-ROADS simulator – exploring a variety of aspects of the interface and key model dynamics.

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Tour de En-ROADS

Engage & Lead Others

(Suggested prep time: 0-30 minutes)

Reach out to the Climate Interactive team – we may be able to host an online session of the En-ROADS Climate Workshop or Climate Action Simulation game for your group.

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Contact us

Use this exercise to introduce your audience to what it will take to address climate change. Our complementary video tour and worksheet will help your group navigate the En-ROADS interface, while also exploring important simulator dynamics.

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Tour de En-ROADS

Arrow Online Rev3

(Suggested prep time: 1-10+ hours)

Explore our online training plan to improve your understanding of En-ROADS, the workshop, and the game. In addition, this training plan highlights the necessary steps to become an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador.

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Create a scenario and share it

Lead groups with an interactive online workshop – with input from your participants, this workshop allows you to use En-ROADS to visualize the impacts of implementing multi-sector climate solutions in real-time.

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The En-ROADS Climate Workshop

Engage groups with an interactive online simulation, where participants take on roles as global stakeholders while proposing climate solutions to limit warming below 2° Celsius.

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Have you run an online En-ROADS event for a group? Make sure to register your event below. Registering your event allows us to gather feedback on our tools and track who is running the game around the world, which is valuable for us in continuing to provide these resources for free.

Ways to Use C-ROADS Online

You can utilize the C-ROADS simulator individually online, and explore different emission scenarios broken down by unique global regions.

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Create a scenario and share it

Explore reflections on how to run World Climate Simulation online – a role-playing game which explores the level of action nations must commit to in order to effectively address climate change.

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WCS online

Use the C-ROADS simulator to create climate scenarios and critically reflect on the implications of the future that has been imagined. This worksheet can be completed alone or in a group.

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C-ROADS Student

Have you run the World Climate Simulation or C-ROADS Student Assignment online for a group? Make sure to register your event below. Registering your event allows us to gather feedback on our tools, and keep track of who is running the game around the world.