Press Release: With an Ambitious Review Cycle, Offers to Paris Climate Talks Could Limit Warming Below 2°C

6region ratchet success

For immediate release.  Success requires stronger, longer term INDCs pledged in 2020. Nations can build on the offers they have made to the Paris climate talks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit projected warming to 1.8°C (3.2°F), according to a new analysis released today from Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan. More details. Success will depend […]

The Skills and Approaches of Multisolvers: Our Research Agenda at COP-21

Multisolvers are

What is the secret ingredient behind some of the most innovative and promising approaches to climate change, approaches that protect the climate for the long term while increasing health, well-being and equity today? We think it’s a particular type of leader – one who is able to implement solutions that solve multiple problems for the […]

Mobilizing Young People Around Paris Climate Talks – #Youth4Climate


It’s been said that today’s youth are the first generation to feel the impacts of climate change and the last that can do something about it. Climate Interactive is working with partners to empower young people around the world to engage in the UNFCCC climate talks in Paris from November 30 – December 11, 2015, […]

MIT’s Dr. Doom Sees Climate Possibilities: “We can do it. But we’ve got to be more aggressive.”


Cross-posted from the MIT Sloan Newsroom: “Science is no longer the bottleneck. The challenge is political and social.” John Sterman has a reputation. The MIT Sloan system dynamics professor is sometimes referred to as Dr. Doom when he demonstrates how our health and prosperity are threatened by climate change and other environmental problems. So it’s […]

Group of Designers Cultivates Climate Leadership with World Climate Event in Boston


Last weekend, 22 residents of Boston, MA gathered to negotiate a climate deal to limit global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius. Presented by Mixed Paper Design Collaborative, the event utilized the Climate Interactive simulation as the centerpoint of a call to action on climate change. The following article is a cross-post from Mixed Paper’s […]

Video: How Could Paris Climate Talks Ratchet Up To Success?

INDC video

How could the UN climate talks in Paris next month ratchet up the national plans (INDCs) and succeed in limiting global warming? Drew Jones of Climate Interactive presents scenarios from the C-ROADS simulation and explores how far these contributions get us, and what more is needed to keep warming to within 2° Celsius (3.6°F) of temperature […]

New Version of C-ROADS Available

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Climate Interactive has just released a new version of the C-ROADS climate policy simulator. C-ROADS enables you to examine the long-term impacts of national and regional greenhouse gas emissions reductions. New features enable assessment of the national contributions (INDCs) to the Paris climate talks, and more. Using C-ROADS, we released an analysis of the national plans being […]

Press Release: Offers for Paris Climate Talks Would Reduce Warming by 1°C


For Immediate Release – Contacts: Paige Knappenberger,, (602) 549 0344 and Jennifer Haskell,, (703) 231-1835 Offers for Paris Climate Talks Would Reduce Warming by 1°C Warming could be reduced from 4.5˚C to 3.5˚C under INDCs submitted to date The current national offers of climate action submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on […]