Video: How Could Paris Climate Talks Ratchet Up To Success?

INDC video

How could the UN climate talks in Paris next month ratchet up the national plans (INDCs) and succeed in limiting global warming? Drew Jones of Climate Interactive presents scenarios from the C-ROADS simulation and explores how far these contributions get us, and what more is needed to keep warming to within 2° Celsius (3.6°F) of temperature […]

Breaking Analysis: US-China Climate Deal to Avoid 640 Billion Tons of Carbon Pollution

US China Climate Commitments Table

New commitments from China and the US could keep a significant 640 gigatons of CO2 out of the atmosphere  Today the world’s attention is turning to the announcement of new climate commitments by the US and China. Using our global climate simulation C-ROADS, we have calculated the impact of the new commitments on the climate. […]

Better Public Policy Through Systems Thinking: Visionary Leadership from Mayor Curtatone

Joseph Curtatone

The following essay was written by the Mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, Joseph Curtatone. Although Curtatone ties systems thinking to I-93 and childhood obesity in Somerville, the same long-term thought process of actions and consequences must be utilized by city and regional leaders today as we increasingly feel the impacts of a changing climate. Hats off […]

Four Reasons We Build Simulations of Infrastructure Investment

GI Simulation Interface

As a panelist for a recent EPA-sponsored webcast on green infrastructure and resilience (click here for the slides from that presentation) I was prompted to explain why system dynamics computer simulation is particularly helpful for those considering infrastructure investment in general, and green infrastructure investment in particular. We have four reasons: 1. People need ways […]

Pastoralist Simulator Helps Global Conversation on Drought-Induced Displacement

Graphs of historical and simulated displacement in HOA. The Pastoralist Simulator reproduces real-world behavior in several important ways.

Climate Interactive was proud to participate in an important global meeting in Nairobi recently. The Nansen Initiative is an on-going international conversation on the situation of ‘cross-border displaced persons.’ The meeting in Nairobi was one of six government consultations in different regions of the world, culminating in recommendations for governments to better coordinate around the […]

C-ROADS in Science: Global Action At Rate of U.S. Progress Could Lead Toward Two Degrees

CI Science pic

How might the new U.S. EPA pollution rules ripple out to affect global action that reduces future climate risk? We were happy when Eli Kintisch of Science asked Dr. Lori Siegel and me here at Climate Interactive to use C-ROADS to answer this question in their article, “A Bold Baby Step On Emissions.” The graphic in Science is […]

Counterintuitive Climate Strategy: See The Solution In Order to Even See the Problem

By Drew Jones, Climate Interactive Co-Director How can we build political will to take responsibility for climate? It is time to invest in grounded hope. We should inoculate the world with an attractive, rigorous, comprehensive path toward climate success, as a means of helping people see and own the climate challenge in the first place. […]

Climate Interactive’s Travis Franck talks insights at UMass Lowell

As part of its ongoing interview series, the Climate Change Initiative at University of Massachussetts Lowell talked recently with Climate Interactive’s Travis Franck about some of our simulators and the insights they’re providing on climate change. As Franck explains, Climate Interactive’s emphasis on an analytical approach called systems thinking gives its models a uniquely comprehensive […]

Carbon Dioxide Will Persist in the Atmosphere Long After Current Decision Makers Have Left Their Roles: On Ethical Grounds, Young People Should Have a Say

Even if today’s college students live to be 100 years old, more than half of the CO2 released into the atmosphere during the four years they are in college will still be present there at the end of their lives – warming the planet and contributing to extreme events, like droughts, floods, and storms all […]

Another Report Says We Are Steering the Planet Into a Dangerously Hot Future

Ahead of climate talks in Doha, Qatar next week, the UN Environmental Programme has released the third Emissions Gap Report. Climate Interactive Co-Director Beth Sawin is once again one of the report’s authors. Like the World Bank report released last week, this report reminds us that reducing our emissions is paramount. Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on […]