We All Can Create Co-Benefits With Our Climate Efforts – Practical Tools For Multisolvers

February 17, 2016 by Shanna Edberg

Community gardens reduce carbon emissions from food transportation, bring fresh produce to neighborhoods, clean the air and water, encourage exercise and healthy eating, and beautify, connect, and revitalize neighborhoods.

Have you heard of multisolving? You may not recognize the word, but you’ve probably heard the idea described in different ways. For example:

These are all other ways of describing what we at Climate Interactive call multisolving. With the same dollar, you can tackle multiple problems facing your community, while also protecting future generations.

Read on for a sampling of resources to help you make multisolving happen in your world. Enjoy them and sign up here to make sure you stay current as we add new tools, resources, and inspiring stories of multisolving.

Real World Examples

We continually update a library of examples from around the world showing just what people can accomplish when they multisolve:

Tools to Boost Your Effectiveness

Ensure that your proposals capture the co-benefits that your community wants and needs:

Spread the Word on Multisolving

Share our tools on climate co-benefits with your colleagues and networks: