MIT Tech Review Covers Sterman and "Copenhagen Climate Exercise"

September 2, 2008 by Andrew P. Jones

Sterman running the game at MIT

This month’s MIT “Technology Review” covered our partner and Climate Interactive co-founder John Sterman playing our team’s “Copenhagen Climate Exercise” (now “World Climate”) using C-ROADS (formerly called Pangaea) with his MIT Sloan MBA students.

Check it out. It discusses the use of simulations and “serious games” as learning tools within complex systems like climate change.

John and team have other sims that are part of the Climate Interactive suite, including an interactive bathtub that blows away our first bathtub sim with its functionality and scope of issues.

The need for these sims and the exercise John played was outlined in a paper by John and Linda Booth Sweeney.

Great work John! Experiential learning at its best.