Fiddaman to Lead Climate Modeling Course

May 7, 2010 by Andrew P. Jones

Dr. Tom Fiddaman of Ventana Systems, in my opinion the top system dynamics modeler of climate change science and policy, will be leading a public training course next month in New Mexico, USA.

As person who has learned a lot from Tom over the past fifteen years, I would STRONGLY encourage interested folks to sign up.

It will be June 7, in Albuquerque New Mexico, and is titled “Climate Policy & System Dynamics.”

The description says, “Examine the dynamics of climate science and climate policy, using accessible small-scale models. The course assumes familiarity with Vensim, including subscripts as well as a general knowledge of current climate issues.”

He’ll likely include examples from his thesis model from his PhD at MIT as well as C-ROADS and other simpler versions such as C-Learn.

More details and registration forms for these courses are here.