Dear Young People of the World

June 27, 2022 by Cynder Malin-Stremlau

Dear young people of the world,

My name is Cynder, and I am twelve years old. I’m taking the En-ROADS Climate Ambassador Camp. Already, it has taught me a lot. I’ve learned about not just using En-ROADS, but also how to maximize learning, how to dig deeper into the tool, the ins-and-outs of the En-ROADS graphs, how to let people teach themselves, and so much more.

One of the best parts of En-ROADS is its flexibility. In En-ROADS there are many options: what graphs to show, what sliders to move, in what setting/place you use it, what language you put it in, and you can even change the assumptions within this tool entirely. This makes it possible for absolutely everyone to use and understand En-ROADS.

This tool is special, rather than only showing what will happen if we don’t take action, (which has been proven not to work) it takes the next step. It explores and shows the many things we must do to get under 2 degrees celsius by 2100. I love also that En-ROADS is founded on a premise that just telling people things doesn’t do much. But, if you give them tools like En-ROADS, they can figure it out for themselves. They can own that awareness and insight.

I’m learning about this tool because I have big dreams. I dream to become a congressperson—and eventually president—so that I can make a difference. En-ROADS helps me to understand the changes that will be made if we are to achieve our climate goals. Next school year (2022-2023), I am going to use En-ROADS in school, educating my classmates so that as a class we can make a difference with the knowledge that we have. We will be a school that has a tool that helps us think critically about the education we are getting, and what we can do with it. We can do things that are impactful.

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I am calling YOU, young people like me, please join me. To have this knowledge is empowering, because it is our generation that needs to know these things. Save our world. Go get ‘em!