Climate Progress Builds Hope Using C-ROADS

October 9, 2009 by Andrew P. Jones

HH125Good post on why we get to hang onto hope by the indomitable Joe Romm, who writes what Thomas Friedman calls “the indespensible blog,” Climate Progress.  One of Joe’s books is pictured here.

The post spoke to me because we on our “C-ROADS” team have been working to frame our results in ways that open new possibilities as opposed to continue to scare and alienate our partners with a dominant “doom and gloom” story.

Here’s the kind of straight talk we get from Joe:

The media and others want to move quickly from denial to despair, because both perspectives justify inaction, justify maintaining our grotesquely unsustainable behavior, justify sticking with the global Ponzi scheme in the immoral delusion we can maintain our own personal wealth and well-being for a few more decades before the day of reckoning.