Climate Interactive Quantifies Implications of Trump Presidency for the Climate

November 21, 2016 by Shanna Edberg

In several interviews with prominent media outlets, Climate Interactive’s Andrew Jones and MIT’s Prof. John Sterman elaborated the potential effect of president-elect Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement. As Andrew Jones said, “Pulling out of the Paris agreement matters not just in leadership, but also in a direct impact on the climate.” Based on our analysis of the UN climate pledges, the United States accounts for about 20% of the expected emissions reductions from the Paris agreement, or 22 billion tons of carbon dioxide. Therefore, if the United States pulls out of the Paris agreement or does not fulfill its obligations, then one-fifth of the gains of the agreement could be lost.

quoteBut as John Sterman said, “Hope remains: Cutting fossil fuel use not only preserves a climate in which humanity can thrive, but improves public health and creates jobs today. Efficiency and renewable energy are cheaper than fossil fuels in many parts of the US and world, and getting cheaper every day. There’s a fundamental alignment between cutting emissions and a healthy, prosperous economy, not only for our children, but for ourselves, today. Look to states, cities, and citizens throughout the country and world to demand action to cut emissions, create jobs, and improve public health.”

In other news, the United States, Mexico, and Canada have released their long-term climate strategies. As the Climate Interactive analysis reveals, their strategies are on track to limit warming to 2°C. But as Ellie Johnston said, “For any of these strategies to be in line with 1.5C or 2C requires all the other countries to act as well.”

To learn more, click on the logos to read the articles, or watch a video of John Sterman participating in a panel discussion program on France 24 (part 1, part 2).