C-ROADS Gets a New Look and New Features

March 2, 2022 by Yasmeen Zahar

The March 2022 update to C-ROADS includes significant upgrades to the visual interface as well as some exciting new features. The C-ROADS Climate Change Policy Simulator is an online policy simulator that allows users to test and visualize the long-term impacts of climate strategies across distinct regional groups. The tool has been used by hundreds of facilitators to lead the World Climate Simulation game all over the world and by analysts in the highest levels of government to explore potential policy pathways.

Explore the New C-ROADS Simulator

The appearance and content of C-ROADS is now more consistent with our newer En-ROADS model, with changes including a refreshed color palette for the background, updated graph and menu bar features, and a new font choice. For a walkthrough of the new C-ROADS interface and guidance on how to use the model, watch this tutorial video:

In addition to some rearranging of the menu bar items, there are a few key new features included in this release. Users now have the ability to Undo, Redo, and Replay inputs using the newly added buttons in the top menu bar. Additionally, you are now able to save and share your custom C-ROADS scenarios using the Share Your Scenario button in the top right corner of the interface. Scenario links can be shared on social media, via email, and copied.

Several graph features in C-ROADS have also undergone some upgrades. The improved navigation of graphs allows users to navigate to different graphs by clicking on the graph title to reveal the graphs menu. The option to change graphs from the Graphs menu item is still available. You will also notice three dots to the right of the graph titles. By clicking on the three dots, you have different viewing options for the graph as well as the ability to copy graph data and paste it into a spreadsheet. When viewing the ‘Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ graph, an extra item will appear when clicking on the three dots. ‘Show UN Pledges (NDCs)’ reveals a dot on the graph demonstrating the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 if all countries fulfill their NDC pledges. Several new impacts graphs have also been added. These graphs include: Sea Level Rise - Flood Risk Map, Population Exposed to Sea Level Rise, Probability of Ice-Free Arctic Summer, Decrease in Crop Yield from Temperature, Species Losing More than 50% of Climatic Range, and Additional Deaths from Extreme Heat.

Screen Shot 2022 03 01 At 2.17.58 Pm

These new changes are live in the online version of C-ROADS, and will automatically download and update in the background of the Mac or Windows desktop versions. Just launch the application and leave it running for about five minutes (depending on your Internet connection), and then restart the application. You can verify that your version of C-ROADS is up to date (22.3) by checking the Help menu.

All of our C-ROADS materials, including those used in the World Climate Simulation, have been updated to reflect these changes.

As always if you use C-ROADS in an event, we would love to hear about it. Please register your event. The feedback we get about events and uses of C-ROADS is helpful for our planning of future updates. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via support.climateinteractive.org.

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