2023 Year in Review — Highlights and inspiration for the use of our climate simulators

February 9, 2024 by Clara Iglesias

We’re thrilled to share some highlights of how Climate Interactive’s tools have catalyzed effective climate action worldwide in the past year. Here are the numbers at a glance:

People like you have used our tools to drive real change

In 2023, despite facing tough climate challenges like record-breaking temperatures and daunting climate impacts that seemed to overshadow progress, our community stayed committed to making a difference. More than 110 new leaders joined our En-ROADS Climate Ambassador community in 2023, after going through the extensive Mastering En-ROADS course and engaging audiences around the world.

We continued enhancing our tools for policy-relevant discussions

Our team—thanks to the support of various donors—developed and released over a dozen new features and more than 35 new graphs in our climate simulators to help users measure and visualize the impact of proposed climate solutions related to bioenergy, deforestation, food waste, electric vehicles, and much more. These enhancements helped to increase our En-ROADS user audience by more than 20% from 2022, reaching more than 240,000 users worldwide.

Established climate and sustainability goals, and evaluated climate risks and policies with En-ROADS in business and government

Among the 8500+ leaders from government, businesses, NGOs, and academia who have engaged in one of our simulation experiences, we share a few notable events from 2023:

Climate simulation workshops, role-playing games, and assignments have been used with thousands of students worldwide

Over 22,800 students have participated in our simulation events, led by hundreds of facilitators worldwide.

Community organizations, academics, and beyond

In 2023, events were also held at research organizations, museums, libraries, and more.

COP28 heard our voices

Part of the Climate Interactive team was on the ground in Dubai and used our En-ROADS simulator to add to the many scientific voices establishing that a phase-out of fossil fuels is essential to achieving the temperature goals of the Paris Agreement. Read more about it in the “COP28: Nations Agree it’s Time to Transition Away From Fossil Fuels” blog post.

Is your story missing?

If you have facilitated an event with one of our simulators and you haven’t told us about it yet, please fill out our event registration form, and tell us how your engagements with decision-makers with En-ROADS influenced corporate strategy, investment, philanthropy, or government policy changes. You can also send us pictures at multimedia@climateinteractive.org.

Would you like to host one of these events with your team at your organization?

Check out the event experiences that we offer.

Would you like to get involved?

Thank you all for giving a purpose to our tools. We are looking forward to seeing what 2024 brings!