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Tell us about your En-ROADS or C-ROADS events! This form is used to register any use of En-ROADS or C-ROADS with others so that we can keep track of metrics, learn more about our users, hear feedback from you, and add the event to our global map.

What type of event can I register? An event can be anything from a one-on-one discussion about climate change solutions (as long as you used En-ROADS or C-ROADS as a base for your discussion!) to a World Climate Simulation in a class, to an En-ROADS Climate Workshop for a large audience.

When do I register my events? You can register your past or upcoming events. If you would like your event to appear on our event calendar, we encourage you to register it in advance. Otherwise, you can wait until your event has passed and you can share your stories and pictures with us.

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Please email with photos and other media from your events. If you share media files, you're giving us permission to use them publicly, unless you specify the opposite.

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