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Pressure-test strategies to address climate change risks and opportunities through customizable, interactive experiences.

Are you looking for a compelling way to talk about climate change with your CEO, C-suite, board of directors, or employees? Do you want to partner with a key customer on climate action, and need to brainstorm with them in an interactive and unique way?

We create curated experiences for decision-makers that equip them with the know-how to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and limit global warming to well below 2°C. These experiences are centered around the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator that we built at Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative to give audiences real-time access to the best available science on climate change and the ways to address it.

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6,500+ leaders across government, business, finance, NGOs, and academia have taken part in our climate solution experiences to inform their climate policy decisions. Participants have included: HSBC Bank, PepsiCo, science educator Bill Nye, former Secretary of State John Kerry, 125+ members of the U.S. Congress, the UN Secretary-General’s Office, and many others. Our offerings range from short solutions workshops, to role-playing exercises, to customized experiences such as 2-day training series and team building activities.

En-ROADS is a global climate simulator that allows users to explore the impact that dozens of policies—such as electrifying transport, pricing carbon, and improving agricultural practices—have on hundreds of factors like energy prices, temperature, air quality, and sea level rise. It is a system dynamics model carefully grounded in the best available science, and has been calibrated against a wide range of existing integrated assessment, climate, and energy models. En-ROADS runs online, offers an intuitive user-friendly interface, and is available in over 20 languages.

Our interactive events will provide you and your team with a grounded understanding of the possibilities for climate action that will open up new opportunities for leadership. With the guidance of trained facilitators, navigate the array of climate solutions and learn how to build science-based strategies to address climate change with the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator.

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