Spreading Grounded Hope for the Climate In the Middle East With Systems Thinking and Simulations


Our powerful new computer-simulation-based role-playing exercise has created a sense of possibility and empowerment for young future energy leaders in the Middle East. The Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), Climate Interactive, and Masdar Institute hosted the interactive “Grounded Hope” workshop at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture in Abu Dhabi in March 2015. Going into the event […]

Hewlett Foundation Awards Climate Interactive Major Grant To Launch User-Friendly Climate and Energy Model


The Hewlett Foundation has awarded Climate Interactive a $200,000 grant to support the research, development, and public release of the simulation En-ROADS. The tool, which builds on the award-winning C-ROADS model, enables people to create and test long-term scenarios for success on climate through a variety of policy and investment levers. With En-ROADS, anyone can explore the […]

Systems Thinking for Climate Action – Online Training Series Takes Off

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Since our January launch of The Climate Leader—a series of eleven video lessons on using systems thinking to make a difference on climate change—thousands have participated in the series and more are signing-up every day (you can enroll too). We’ve gotten tons of great feedback about the course. And participants have followed along from all over the […]

Systems Thinking Community Is Working to Create Social and Environmental Change – Here’s What We’ve Noticed Recently


There is a vibrant community of people applying systems thinking to make positive change. We’re excited to share a sampling of some things that we’ve noticed with you – from a six-minute video on systems thinking to a seven-week online course on leadership and global responsibility. Short Video Will Introduce You to Systems Thinking This six-minute video, Finding Leverage – […]

Dr. Florian Kapmeier and World Climate Inspire German Students

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A group of German college students learned that early action is needed in the fight against global climate change when Professor Dr. Florian Kapmeier led them in the World Climate exercise. The event was highlighted in Reutlinger General-Anzeiger, the local newspaper where the students attend college.   The students, who attend Reutlingen University’s ESB Business School in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, dived […]

More Homework, Less Coughing (and Less Climate Change): The Power of Solar Energy in Remote Villages


Energy from the sun, distributed via micro-grids, saves money and improves health and education while reducing fossil fuel reliance and greenhouse gas emissions. An innovative project is providing clean electricity to households and small factories in remote communities in Tanzania that lack access to the traditional electricity grid. Solar panels feed batteries that deliver clean […]

Eduardo Pedro Fracassi: Climate Student to Climate Star

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In three years, Professor Eduardo Pedro Fracassi has journeyed from being inactive on climate change progress to making a major impact with Climate Interactive’s World Climate Exercise. He’s gone from Climate Student to Climate Star. After seeing a presentation of Climate Interactive’s work, Eduardo co-facilitated with fellow professor Fabian Szulanski 17 World Climate Exercise workshops, proposed a Climate Engineering course at the Buenos […]

Fight Climate Change, Ill-Health and Inequity with the Same Dollar

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There’s a big systems win to be found at the intersection of public health and urban design. There’s an even bigger win to be had by adding climate change and social justice to the picture. Doctors and public health officials are beginning to talk about urban design as determinant of health, and this way of […]

Climate Interactive presents in Geneva Friday

Displaced families and host families gather for a meeting. Credit: OCHA/Naomi Frerotte

If you’re in Geneva, join us this Friday for a presentation on our project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. System dynamics modeling is one of the main innovations of our project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). With our partners, we are working to improve resilience of people affected by repeated displacement. The […]

Starting a Global Climate Movement for Young People with Millennial Leader Juliette Decq

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Few people can go to the UN climate change summit, so Juliette brings the UN summit to the people.   Twenty-two-year-old Juliette Decq is the founder and head of COP in MyCity, a project of CliMates. The organization is a youth-led project that aims to bridge the gap between climate negotiations and the mainstream public by fostering education and action about climate change locally and […]