We head to Doha Climate Negotiations & Provide Free Climate Simulation

For those following and participating in the negotiations in Doha, especially those working on the ADP, Climate Interactive provides our C-ROADS simulator free of charge for you to assess the impact that national and regional emission reduction pledges have on climate change.

This robust tool enables the comparison and summation of pledges from up to 15 different regions with different reference years and units, making it easy to compare pledges to reduce carbon intensity with carbon emission reductions.

“For the first time, with C-ROADS, we have a way to capture on the spot the implications of the key decisions that will be made around the follow-up to Kyoto, with sobering and powerful results.”    — Dr. Jacqueline McGlade, Executive Director, European Environment Agency

Find out more and request a copy today:  http://climateinteractive.org/simulations/C-ROADS

Building on our analysis at previous negotiations, Climate Interactive will be in Doha and is available for consultations on our tools and services. Please contact info@climateinteractive.org to determine our availability.

Photo credit: SustainUS/Flickr