Running “Mock-UN” Climate Negotiations in Croatia from a Desk in the USA

croatia_mapAs I write, 40 Croatian electrical utility executives and youth leaders are playing the roles of global UN delegates and proposing emissions targets to stabilize the climate.

They are in Croatia, feeling disappointed that their cuts in fossil fuel emission starting in 2030 or so keeps CO2 around 500 ppm, missing their goal of 350-400 ppm.

I sit at my desk at Sustainability Institute in the USA, waiting for the phone call that brings the next round of proposals to test in C-ROADS, our climate simulator, and display them in Croatia via our web conferencing link.  Mostly, I’m hoping they can work out a deal that hits 350 (actually, hoping we ALL can work out a deal….).

Miljenko Cimesa, an innovative Croatian leader and member of the Society for Organizational Learning/Croatia is hosting the event. He played this “Copenhagen Climate Exercise” (now “World Climate”) in Boston a couple of months ago as led by Peter Senge, Sherry Immediato, Michael Goodman, Travis Franck, and other partners in a SoL training and has brought the technology home, hoping to spark more effective action on climate strategy. (Other stories of the policy exercise are here and here.)

I’m feeling amazed by the technological power of international communication, honored to be part of the SoL community that makes such shared learning possible, and happy to be part of a “Climate Action Initiative” team that has created a simulation that can help. May such collaboration and learning translate into a Global Deal. Soon!

…. Gotta go, the “delegates” are calling….

Ran the numbers. Showed the graphs. 377 ppm by 2100.  Not bad.