New Version of C-ROADS Available

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Climate Interactive has just released a new version of the C-ROADS climate policy simulator. C-ROADS enables you to examine the long-term impacts of national and regional greenhouse gas emissions reductions. New features enable assessment of the national contributions (INDCs) to the Paris climate talks, and more. Using C-ROADS, we released an analysis of the national plans being […]

Hewlett Foundation Awards Climate Interactive Major Grant To Launch User-Friendly Climate and Energy Model


The Hewlett Foundation has awarded Climate Interactive a $200,000 grant to support the research, development, and public release of the simulation En-ROADS. The tool, which builds on the award-winning C-ROADS model, enables people to create and test long-term scenarios for success on climate through a variety of policy and investment levers. With En-ROADS, anyone can explore the […]

Eduardo Pedro Fracassi: Climate Student to Climate Star

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In three years, Professor Eduardo Pedro Fracassi has journeyed from being inactive on climate change progress to making a major impact with Climate Interactive’s World Climate Exercise. He’s gone from Climate Student to Climate Star. After seeing a presentation of Climate Interactive’s work, Eduardo co-facilitated with fellow professor Fabian Szulanski 17 World Climate Exercise workshops, proposed a Climate Engineering course at the Buenos […]

Starting a Global Climate Movement for Young People with Millennial Leader Juliette Decq

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Few people can go to the UN climate change summit, so Juliette brings the UN summit to the people.   Twenty-two-year-old Juliette Decq is the founder and head of COP in MyCity, a project of CliMates. The organization is a youth-led project that aims to bridge the gap between climate negotiations and the mainstream public by fostering education and action about climate change locally and […]

The Green Infrastructure Decision Support Tool – Lessons and Possibilities

Streetside Swale in Seattle, Washington.
Source: U.S. EPA

At Climate Interactive, we create tools that help political leaders and decision-makers make smart decisions in the face of a change climate. While many of our tools take a global perspective, our Green Infrastructure Decision Support Tool is designed to help municipalities and communities test scenarios and see the solutions that best deliver storm water […]

Four Reasons We Build Simulations of Infrastructure Investment

GI Simulation Interface

As a panelist for a recent EPA-sponsored webcast on green infrastructure and resilience (click here for the slides from that presentation) I was prompted to explain why system dynamics computer simulation is particularly helpful for those considering infrastructure investment in general, and green infrastructure investment in particular. We have four reasons: 1. People need ways […]

Thinking About Green Infrastructure? Join Us Online On July 22

EPA Green Infrastructure webcast series

The Green Infrastructure Decision Support Tool: A Pilot Project in the Kinnickinnic River Watershed of Milwaukee July 22, 2014 1:00pm – 2:30pm ET On July 22, join the EPA and Climate Interactive’s Beth Sawin to learn more about how your community can incorporate green infrastructure to create healthier, more sustainable places to live and work. […]

Top Ten Reasons the World Needs En-ROADS — a Fast, Accessible, Free, Hands-On Global Climate and Energy Simulator

By Drew Jones, Climate Interactive Co-Director 1. Grounded hope. For climate action success, we need a scientifically based narrative of what to do. En-ROADS helps anyone (not just modelers) create such a narrative. 2. Policy-makers are using it.  Jonathan Pershing of the U.S. Department of Energy has asked for specific features and scenarios. 3. A complement to existing scientific models. Prof. John […]

Two Interactive Graphics to Illuminate the UN Climate Report’s Latest Findings

After much anticipation, the U.N. recently released its Fifth Assessment Report on climate change, leaving us with more certainty than ever that we need to do more to address the effects of climate change In case you don’t have the time to read over the entire 900-page document we recommend a few visual aids that can […]

Climate Interactive Showcases Drought and Displacement Simulation before UN

As global warming advances, much of the planet’s most vulnerable population is already seeing its livelihood affected. In some cases, the effect is so strong that people must uproot their lives entirely and join the growing ranks of the world’s environmental refugees. It was in this context that Climate Interactive showcased some of our latest […]