One Professor’s Enthusiasm for Interactive Classes Ripples Outwards

Michele P Headshot

After a colleague led a training in using Climate Interactive’s role playing exercises, Professor Michele Putko ran with the idea and is now teaching her college engineering students to run the workshops themselves for high school audiences. Michele’s undergraduates have already reached 100 high school students at 3 different schools. This is tapping into a powerful […]

Hewlett Foundation Awards Climate Interactive Major Grant To Launch User-Friendly Climate and Energy Model


The Hewlett Foundation has awarded Climate Interactive a $200,000 grant to support the research, development, and public release of the simulation En-ROADS. The tool, which builds on the award-winning C-ROADS model, enables people to create and test long-term scenarios for success on climate through a variety of policy and investment levers. With En-ROADS, anyone can explore the […]

Systems Thinking Community Is Working to Create Social and Environmental Change – Here’s What We’ve Noticed Recently


There is a vibrant community of people applying systems thinking to make positive change. We’re excited to share a sampling of some things that we’ve noticed with you – from a six-minute video on systems thinking to a seven-week online course on leadership and global responsibility. Short Video Will Introduce You to Systems Thinking This six-minute video, Finding Leverage – […]

The Largest Climate March in History Takes to the Streets


The film Disruption features incredible and informative interviews from scientists, activists and leaders – including Climate Interactive partner John Sterman of MIT – who knows that we can tackle the climate challenge, but only if we get serious and act today. The film has been released in advance of the People’s Climate March, the largest […]

A Scientist Heads to Capitol Hill, Climate Bathtub in Hand

Dr. Max Moehs discusses climate change with Sen. Maria Cantwell (WA).

Cultivating bridges between science and policy is essential for progress on climate change. Here Dr. Max Moehs of the American Society of Plant Biologists highlights his insights after recent meetings with members of the U.S. Congress. Impressions of Climate Science Day By: Charles Paul “Max” Moehs, Ph.D. Cross-posted from ASPB Plant Blog In 1962, when I was […]

Systems Thinking and Business Solutions in a Complex World

John Sterman on Climate Change: Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

In the latest entry in the Network for Business Sustainability blog, Climate Interactive Member and MIT Professor John Sterman outlines how we can use systems thinking – the analytical approach that underlies Climate Interactive’s models — to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. Although his suggestions focus on businesses, these strategies can be used by […]

Moving Into Action With Climate Change

Make it fun! Make it interactive! Leave people inspired! And gracefully interconnect the need to adapt to unavoidable climate change with the imperative to prevent any climate change we can. These are easily four of the biggest challenges involved in helping people find ways to  act to address climate change. That’s why, less than a […]

Success Translating & Playing the World Climate Exercise in Spanish

Through simulating the UN climate negotiations, the World Climate Exercise has opened the minds of thousands to the challenges and opportunities to addressing climate change. Now this game is available in Spanish, thanks to the hard work of the Latin American Systems Society Chapter, who translated the materials. This brings the languages the World Climate materials […]

We head to Doha Climate Negotiations & Provide Free Climate Simulation

For those following and participating in the negotiations in Doha, especially those working on the ADP, Climate Interactive provides our C-ROADS simulator free of charge for you to assess the impact that national and regional emission reduction pledges have on climate change. This robust tool enables the comparison and summation of pledges from up to 15 different regions with […]