Systems Thinking for Climate Action – Online Training Series Takes Off

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Since our January launch of The Climate Leader—a series of eleven video lessons on using systems thinking to make a difference on climate change—thousands have participated in the series and more are signing-up every day (you can enroll too). We’ve gotten tons of great feedback about the course. And participants have followed along from all over the […]

Dr. Florian Kapmeier and World Climate Inspire German Students

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A group of German college students learned that early action is needed in the fight against global climate change when Professor Dr. Florian Kapmeier led them in the World Climate exercise. The event was highlighted in Reutlinger General-Anzeiger, the local newspaper where the students attend college.   The students, who attend Reutlingen University’s ESB Business School in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, dived […]

C-ROADS in Science: Global Action At Rate of U.S. Progress Could Lead Toward Two Degrees

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How might the new U.S. EPA pollution rules ripple out to affect global action that reduces future climate risk? We were happy when Eli Kintisch of Science asked Dr. Lori Siegel and me here at Climate Interactive to use C-ROADS to answer this question in their article, “A Bold Baby Step On Emissions.” The graphic in Science is […]

Climate Interactive’s Travis Franck talks insights at UMass Lowell

As part of its ongoing interview series, the Climate Change Initiative at University of Massachussetts Lowell talked recently with Climate Interactive’s Travis Franck about some of our simulators and the insights they’re providing on climate change. As Franck explains, Climate Interactive’s emphasis on an analytical approach called systems thinking gives its models a uniquely comprehensive […]

Robert Knisely: We Need More System Dynamics in Government

“Genius has been defined as the ability to come to correct conclusions on insufficient information.” -Robert Knisely In his latest blog entry for Governing, former Clinton administration official Robert Knisely offered some sage advice for policymakers: read up on your System Dynamics! Given that System Dynamics (SD) is the modeling approach that underlies our work […]

Innovate Podcast Features Climate Interactive, Impact of Systems Thinking

“Not only are problems interconnected, but often solutions are interconnected as well.” -Beth Sawin In the latest edition of the bi-monthly Innovate Podcast, which features interviews with influential social entrepreneurs and transformative thinkers, host David Castro sat down with Climate Interactive co-director Beth Sawin to talk climate change and sustainability. Tackling climate change can be intimidating. […]

Gas Alone Not a Bridge to Two Degrees

Think Progress blogger Joe Romm takes Climate Interactive‘s analysis on the lifetime of fossil fuel infrastructure to build the case that natural gas is not a bridge to a carbon free future. His post announces the premier of Gasland 2 this evening in the U.S., a documentary on the harmful effects of natural gas. Here’s an […]

Mothers Talk Climate Using Climate Bathtub Analogy

In the Boston area, as in other places, parents are coming together to discuss how they can address climate change and discuss the issue with their children in a constructive way. University of Massachusetts Lowell Professor, Juliette Rooney Varga, a mom herself, was on hand at one of these events explaining how carbon dioxide accumulates […]

Students Showcase our Interactive Climate Tools to Enthusiastic Crowds

At the recent American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual conference in Boston, thousands got the opportunity to see a demonstration of some of our latest tools and some new interactive exercises to help people understand climate change. The exhibit was put together and led by University of Massachusetts Lowell professor Juliette Rooney-Varga […]

Climate Interactive on the Inaugural Speech

In reaction to Obama’s strong words on climate change in his inaugural address yesterday, Stephanie Pappas of LiveScience followed up yesterday’s coverage of Obama and climate change with additional commentary from Beth Sawin and Travis Franck of Climate Interactive. Obama Takes Stand on Climate in Inaugural Speech Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer Date: 21 January 2013 President Barack Obama discussed the need to act on climate […]