Wisdom from Christine Loh and Bob Corell

September 11, 2008 by Andrew P. Jones

This learning journey hosted by the Forum for Active Philanthropy and Tallberg Advisors to Greenland has convened some inspired global leaders on climate stabilization.  On a fishing boat that weaved between 150 meter high icebergs, I asked a big question to two of my climate heroes: energy reform star Christine Loh of Hong Kong and arctic scientist Bob Corell.  What did they think that US climate leaders (particularly those simulation lovers like you guys) needed to know?

Christine: “Top Chinese climate policy makers know the challenge well. In fact, China already has specific national energy use reduction targets to achieve by 2010. However, in light of China’s strong growth trend, much more needs to be done. Indeed, if China can be a game changer by using its current plans, policies and targets and then go for big cuts in the next 5 years, it will open a new window for global collaboration on aggressive reduction.”

Bob: “Stop with all the science talk that is understandable only to scientists. We think we are using the language of decision-makers and citizens, but we are not. To help them do it, I’d encourage everyone to read a really wonderful EOS article by Susan Hassol.”

Communicating the challenge and taking action — I love these two.