Why We Multisolve - Emphasizing Co-Benefits in Addressing Climate Change

June 6, 2016 by Shanna Edberg

Policies that work to mitigate climate change can also produce other co-benefits. For example, planting trees in urban areas sequesters carbon dioxide emissions while simultaneously reducing air pollution, beautifying the area, reducing energy use, and stifling noise, among other benefits. With this one investment we can make strides in climate change mitigation, public health, and even provide an economic stimulus. We call policies such as these multisolving, and we think it’s one of the most promising approaches to taking on climate change today.

With the urgency that’s needed to address climate change, why focus on multisolving? In the graphic below, you will read four great reasons to include multiple benefits in your climate strategy that range from moral to practical. In short, multisolving allows you to tackle multiple problems at once, all while all while building a diverse coalition committed to protecting the climate for the long term and improving lives today.

why-multisolveDownload the infographic (PDF)

For more resources and examples of multisolving, go to our multisolving portal. For questions, or if you think we can help your community multisolve, contact us at multisolving(at)climateinteractive.org.