VICE News Tonight features Climate Interactive and MIT’s John Sterman

August 21, 2019 by Ellie Johnston

Sterman Play1

VICE News Tonight ran a piece on HBO which featured MIT Sloan Professor John Sterman leading the World Climate roleplay game for executive MBA students. Two of our simulation models—C-ROADSand En-ROADS—are used to guide students on the impacts of their climate policy negotiations.

The game, called the World Climate Simulation, puts participants into the shoes of UN negotiators tasked with reaching a global agreement to address climate change. The roleplaying game uses the freely available C-ROADS model, which is available online in 6 languages. The World Climate Simulation has been led by over 600 people in 88 countries, reaching over 60,000 participants to date. We encourage you to facilitate the game yourself. Review the free materials and join an upcoming webinar to learn more.

The Vice News story also included our yet-to-be-released simulator—En-ROADS—which will become available to the public in the near future, along with an accompanying game and workshop. This new simulation model focuses on solutions to climate change, ranging from a carbon price to planting trees to energy efficiency to promoting renewable energy. To receive more information on its launch visit

HBO subscribers can check out the segment by going to Vice News Episode 595 August 20, 2019.