Trevor Houser Uses C-ROADS to Conclude "2 Degrees C is Still Within Reach"

February 5, 2010 by Andrew P. Jones

Trevor Houser, our colleague formerly of  the U.S. State Department, used C-ROADS to find hope in the Copenhagen Accord.

He wrote: “Either way, if countries follow through on their pledges and follow on with more aggressive action, keeping global temperature increases below 2 degrees Celsius is still within reach.”

Note — by our calculations, global greenhouse gas emissions would need to drop 3.3% per year for temperature to stay within 2 degrees C.

Put this finding together with Beth Sawin’s press release of yesterday and the message is: We’re not yet on track, but the goal is within reach.

NY Times’ Dot Earth blog picked up the finding here. (Yes, C-ROADS is “the model developed in part by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology”).

Here is a short video of Trevor Houser talking about the U.S. State Department’s use of C-ROADS.