Leaders for a New Climate Workshop Engages and Empowers

October 27, 2010 by Stephanie McCauley

Last week, Climate Interactive and Seed Systems held the first Leaders for a New Climate workshop at the MIT Sloan School School of Management in Cambridge, MA. This three-day workshop combined lessons in system dynamics and organizational learning, to empower diverse leaders to act effectively in these challenging and exciting times.

The workshop opened with a session of our World Climate exercise and featured a guest lecture by the director of the System Dynamics Group at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Dr. John Sterman. We also held an “Under the Hood” session with our C-ROADS model.

Participants included students, advisors, and citizen activists from as far away as Nigeria.

Some of the quotes from attendees are below:

The course was excellent with enthusiastic and well-informed instructors presenting cutting edge and needed information.

Thanks for all the inspiration, creative tools for looking at the world, and ultimately – hope!

As a student studying System Dynamics this was a unique opportunity to learn how people, in various ways, are using System Dynamics.

A life-enriching experience as well as a skill-enhancing experience. I expect the benefits to last many years.

Drew Jones & Sara Schley beautifully combine and speak to the multiple aspects of being human, with the complexities of our world.

The unique connection between the System Dynamics & the dialogic ways of relating to others is the necessary & vital connection to be made between personal & global – it is our hope!

The tool looks promising! Couldn’t the entire world use it?

A wonderful combination of the technical tools helpful to understand climate change and the collaborative skills to making change really stick.