Hurricane Maria Inspires Resilience & Adaptation in Puerto Rico

October 10, 2018 by Cassandra Ceballos

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico: demolished homes, food and water shortages, and a decimated power grid characterized daily life for months. While millions of people began the process of rebuilding what previously existed, a couple in Puerto Rico took an unconventional approach and decided to build an Earthship. Developed 50 years ago, Earthships are sustainable structures made out of recycled and natural materials, including old tires, packed dirt, and soda cans. Hundreds of volunteers are now working to build the island’s first Earthship, which consists of five interconnected geodesic domes and an edible garden and will serve as both an education center and an outpost for relief supplies in the event of another disaster.

Climate Protection: Reduces greenhouse gas emissions Energy & Mobility: Saves energy through use of recycled materials Resilience: Decreases destruction & speeds up recovery ** **Food & Water: Protects resources during and after natural disasters **Jobs & Assets: Creates teaching and management jobs **Health, Well-Being, & Safety: Offers shelter during extreme weather events **Connection: **Educates community on sustainable infrastructure.

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