Eric Roston of Bloomberg Green Explores En-ROADS Scenarios - How to Recreate His Experiments & More

March 23, 2021 by Andrew P. Jones

On March 23, 2021, Eric Roston of Bloomberg Green published a newsletter piece exploring the impact of different climate solutions using the En-ROADS simulator from Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan’s Sustainability Initiative - “What if the Perfect Climate Fix Can’t Arrive in Time?” For those with a Bloomberg subscription, the full article is here. Below you will find a video with detailed explanations of the settings used in the article and the model dynamics at play.

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The meaning and math behind the “7.5%” number quoted in the newsletter is here: our modeling suggests that immediate discovery and commercialization of a new, zero-carbon electricity source could avoid the emission of 68 gigatons of CO2 by 2050 (notice the gap in Net Cumulative CO2 Emissions in 2050). A scenario that achieves net-zero emissions by 2050 such as this will avoid 908 gigatons of CO2 by 2050 (the best graph to view the value is here - observe the gap in 2050, when 3617 - 2709 = 908). And then 68/908 = 7.5%.

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