C-ROADS World Climate Now Online

November 15, 2016 by Phil Rice

Test Climate Policies in your Browser


Today we are pleased to announce a web-based version of C-ROADS World Climate.

Climate Interactive has a goal to make accessible computer simulators available to all – so that everyone can do analysis and learn for themselves key insights on climate change issues.

img_1674In October we had a major revision of our C-ROADS simulator and released “C-ROADS World Climate” for MacOS and Windows. This version of our C-ROADS climate model improved usability of this widely used tool.

Now we’ve put the same C-ROADS World Climate simulator on the web. Simply by visiting a website you can use the same user interface that someone would use offline on MacOS or Windows. Use Chrome (best), Safari, Firefox or Edge to access it. Internet Explorer is not supported.

We are hearing very positive feedback from our World Climate users and hope this web-based version extends its reach. The clean, simple and fast interface is designed specifically for use with the free World Climate negotiation simulation.

In addition to the new C-ROADS World Climate simulator, Mac and Windows users of C-ROADS Pro can download a tuned up version (C-ROADS Pro for Windows and C-ROADS Pro for Mac). This update brings the operation of the World Climate mode of C-ROADS Pro into alignment with the other available versions.

Let us know what you think!