Dr. Diana Pritchard

Dr. Diana Pritchard

Sustainability Curriculum Developer at University of Bedfordshire, UK

Diana 400

World Climate Ambassador & Facilitator

Diana is Principal Curriculum Developer at the University of Bedfordshire, UK. She promotes education for sustainability and teaching approaches that challenge students and serve to prepare them as graduates who can contribute to their communities and societies before the changing and uncertain future scenarios.

Her training evolved at the interfaces of ecology, anthropology, political science and – most recently pedagogy – giving her a multidisciplinary grounding and approach to her work and interests. After obtaining a doctorate in social policy (from the London School of Economics) she developed an international career involving environmental programme management and collaborations with actors at all levels, from local communities to governmental agencies and multi-lateral organisations.  Her teaching and publications have focussed on the knowledge systems, livelihood practices and global forces that shape human relationships to the natural world, resource use practices and development processes.

Based now in the UK, her country of origin, she uses World Climate with a range of students, academics, civic and practitioner communities because of its power to engage participants in understanding about planetary limits, and as a learning opportunity which nurtures collaboration, empathy and responsibility and is effective in building connections across generations and sectors.