World Climate Simulation – Mandarin

Imagine what it takes to negotiate a global climate change agreement. You can offer this experience to others, or participate yourself with the World Climate Simulation.

The World Climate Simulation is an in-person role-playing game of the UN climate change negotiations. Through the simulation, participants get to explore the necessary speed and level of action that nations must take to address global climate change. The game grounded in the best available science through the use of the interactive computer simulator C-ROADS, which can rapidly analyze the results of the game play.

All the materials for the game that have been translated into Mandarin are available for free below.

World Climate materials are available in many languages, thanks to the generous work of volunteers.

How Does World Climate Work?

World Climate is a game created for large groups, and is typically played with around 8-50 people (although it has been adapted for use in groups as large as 500). A facilitator leads the group, playing the role of a UN leader, while each participant plays the role of a delegate representing a specific nation, negotiating bloc, or, in some cases, an interest group. Everyone then works together in their respective roles to reach a global agreement that successfully keeps climate change well below 2˚C globally. Simulation events vary in length, but most run 2-3 hours. Condensed versions have been run in as short as 30 minutes.

During the event participants must face the climate science, engage in the drama and tensions of global politics, test their ambitions against a climate-modeling tool used by actual climate negotiators, and then reflect on how the experience challenges their assumptions about climate action.

Tens of thousands around the world have participated in World Climate since its debut. Audiences have included Nobel Prize winning scientists, a former U.S. Secretary of State, (actual) UN climate negotiators, university presidents, European Union policymakers, oil executives, and countless students of all ages.

World climate map

World Climate has been run all around the world – please register your event and we will add it to the map!


Presentation Slides  Present these slides to your participants, which include roleplay instructions, background information, and data on climate impacts.

Proposal Form – To be handed out to each group in order for participants to demonstrate their proposed actions.

Briefing Materials –To provide background information used to orient participants in a World Climate Simulation to their assigned roles. You can choose to use the 3 region or the 6 region briefings based on the size of your group and the time allotted. The 3 region version is good for small groups (6-18 people) or for large events with less time, whereas as the 6 region version enables greater engagement by all participants. There are also additional briefing statements if you want to include even more roles. All briefing statement resources are linked below:

6-Region Briefing Statements:

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*Mandarin (6-Region Briefing Statements): Updated July 2012