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Juliette Rooney-Varga highlights simulation-based role-playing games, from iBiology

Climate Interactive partner and Director of UMass Lowell Climate Change Initiative Dr. Juliette Rooney-Varga explains the importance of integrating climate change into biology education and shares an effective way to teach about climate change.

Games and Climate Change

Climate Interactive co-director, Drew Jones, explains how lessons from gaming help us ensure that climate and energy analysis can be used to make a difference at the 2012 Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop

Peter Senge on Climate Interactive

Peter Senge of MIT and SoL on the purpose of Climate Interactive

John Sterman at IBM

John Sterman of the Climate Interactive team speaking at IBM’s Almaden Institute on how the solution to climate change will look much more like the civil rights movement than the Manhattan Project.

“Learning from Climate Change” rally speech by Drew Jones

Drew Jones presenting to a crowd at the “350 Day of Action” rally in Asheville, North Carolina USA, October 2009. Exploring: What are we learning as we respond to the threat and reality of climate change?

Drew Jones- Green Drinks Asheville

Drew Jones presenting climate simulations at Green Drinks Asheville