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Emissions Gap Report (Webinar)

A 30-minute webinar briefing on the highlights of the UNEP’s “Emissions Gap Report”. Addresses the scientific analysis of the gap between country pledges to the UNFCCCC for the Copenhagen Accord and those necessary to meet climate goals. Presented by co-author of the report, Dr. Elizabeth Sawin, co-director of Climate Interactive.

The Climate Scoreboard at COP15

Dr. Elizabeth Sawin of Climate Interactive describing the Climate Scoreboard on the first day of the Copenhagen COP15 climate change summit hosted by the United Nations

C-ROADS: Introduction, New v3.0 Features, and State of the Global Deal

In this hour-long webinar Climate Interactive’s Travis Franck reviews the state of the global climate deal and introduces the latest features of C-ROADS 3.0

The Road from Copenhagen

“The Road from Copenhagen: Supporting International Climate Negotiations with the C-ROADS Simulation” presented by Dr. John Sterman in Seoul, Korea for the International Conference of the System Dynamics Society

C-ROADS-CP presentation at US Center in Copenhagen

Testing Climate Pathways at COP16

Climate Interactive’s Drew Jones and COP16 attendees test the beta version of C-ROADS for iPhone and iPad.

Trevor Houser on C-ROADS

Trevor Houser of the US State Department discusses his experiences as a C-ROADS user at a C-ROADS side event in Copenhagen.

C-ROADS at the Tallberg Forum

The Climate Action Initiative team leads a group at the June 2009 Tallberg Forum through the main insights of the C-ROADS simulation.

John Sterman on C-ROADS at COP15

MIT’s John Sterman of the Climate Interactive team explains C-ROADS science and confidence building at the US State Department side event in Copenhagen.

Drew Jones at EPA’s Climate Impact Modeling Conference

Climate Interactive’s Drew Jones presents at the EPA’s “Integrated Modeling to Characterize Climate Change Impacts and Support Decision Making” conference in Atlanta in February 2011. Slides available here.