En-ROADS Simulator & Materials Translations

The En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator is used to run engaging, interactive events all over the world. Currently, we have facilitators from dozens of countries who are facilitating En-ROADS events across the globe. In order to support our international base of users, we are striving to make the simulator available in as many languages as possible. Currently, the En-ROADS Simulator is available in:

We are excited to be able to offer materials for our interactive events – such as the Climate Action Simulation game and the En-ROADS Climate Workshop — in a growing number of languages. Click below to explore a worksheet with all of our translated En-ROADS event materials to date:

We are so grateful to have dozens of translators who have helped us publish the En-ROADS Simulator and its related materials in a number of languages, making it more accessible worldwide. Below, we’d like to acknowledge the individuals and organizations who assisted us in this process – thank you all for your contribution!

Amjad Khashman 
Sara Fountir Benbrahim
Samir Traboulsi
Apostol Penkov 
European Economic and Social Committee
Chinese (Simplified)
Brian Blankinship 
Zhao Xiusheng
Edward Sihua Yang
Chinese (Traditional)
Brian Blankinship 
Edward Sihua Yang
Wan-Hsuan Lin
Hiske Overweg
European Economic and Social Committee
Laurent Richard 
Arnaud Paquet 
European Economic and Social Committee
Florian Kapmeier
European Economic and Social Committee
Riccardo Parigi
European Economic and Social Committee
Riichiro Oda 
Chizuko Sato
Yugo Tanaka
Yukiko Kitami
Tom Nystrom
Luís Alberto Ambrósio
European Economic and Social Committee
Denis Lomov
Anna Sycheva
Anastasia Kochneva
Arsene Konnov
Linara Khadimullina
Ekaterina Volkovskaya
Ekaterina Korobova
Tibor Paulen
Eduardo Fracassi 
Itzel Morales Lagunes
María Elena Morales González
Hilda Lima
Vanessa Montserrat Martínez Cortés
Mariana Alcántara
Marisol Seseña Alcalde
María Fernanda Cruz Barrera
Diana Laura Hernández Martínez
European Economic and Social Committee
Jackson Buzingo
Oğuz Tosun
Emre Göktepe
Büşra Atamer
Sibel Eker

Are you interested in translating En-ROADS into a language that is not on the list above? If so, please contact us.