The Climate Leader

The Climate Leader is an introductory training series in systems thinking to help fuel the global response to climate change. These materials will help you to be more effective at addressing climate change by enabling you to see the interconnections and big picture in your work.

This online course is based on the same tools and approaches we use at Climate Interactive to help you become more effective in designing strategy, seeing the big picture, and creating change.

Behind the Climate Leader are decades of experience from the team at Climate Interactive and powerful ideas developed at MIT. Our cutting edge tools have been helping people see what works to respond to climate change. We’ve helped students, business leaders, activists, and UN negotiators determine the choices that will put us on a pathway to a healthy climate. We bring our background in systems thinking and modeling nonlinear relationships to our work, and now to you.

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We will cover topics like:

  • What is a system?
  • Where to find the most leverage in change making?
  • Drawing the interactions of a system to illuminate them
  • Building reinforcing feedback loops to create momentum for change
  • Systems structures that can inhibit change efforts
  • How to see the parts of the big picture

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