Welcome to the En-ROADS Guided Assignment

Welcome! Through the En-ROADS Guided Assignment you will create your own climate future with the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator. To get started, watch the video below for an overview of the tool and download the exercise worksheets.

Watch the Video

Download the Assignment

Access the assignment and fill in the details to complete the exercise:

Begin this exercise by reading through all of the steps and goals of the assignment.

Then create a custom scenario using En-ROADS, which you can access using the button below. If you need more help navigating the En-ROADS online simulator, you can also use the one page guide to the control panel to better understand how to explore policies using En-ROADS.

After taking the time to create your climate scenario with En-ROADS, your last step will be to write up your proposal following the assignment document.

Share Your Scenario

If you are completing this assignment for a class, your instructor will likely have provided you with instructions on how to share your proposal. Depending on how your instructor wants you to submit your work, you can also explore our suggestions on the worksheet to explore creative options for presenting your case for your climate future.

If you are completing this assignment on your own or with another group, we encourage you to please share your scenario and some commentary on twitter! You can use the “Share Your Scenario” button on the top of the En-ROADS simulator to share your climate scenario on social media or online. Also, be sure to use #EnROADS and tweet us @ClimateInteract – we would love to retweet your work!