Climate Pathways Mobile App

Simulate climate change in the palm of your hand!

Climate Pathways is an iOS application that will help you understand the speed and timing of emissions reductions that are required to stay below 2°C of warming. It answers two important questions:

  1. How much do greenhouse gas emissions have to fall to stabilize the earth’s temperature?
  2. What are the implications of waiting to start reducing emissions?

Watch a quick demo:

Climate Pathways is the first-ever app to simulate global temperature change on a mobile device. We have released an update that modernizes the app and provides the latest climate science. It works on every screen size and resolution, and will work in iOS 11 and beyond.

Climate Interactive would like to thank Todd Fincannon for his time developing this application.

Watch a three minute video explaining Climate Pathways’ insights.

Demo and reviews of Climate Pathways

In the early stages of the development of Climate Pathways we took it to the Cancun climate change negotiations. Check out this video to hear reviews and see people putting it to use.