Interactive Events

Interactive Events

As part of Climate Interactive’s mission to create accessible, action-oriented tools and simulations, we are proud to provide a suite of resources to deliver critical insights for understanding and addressing climate change. Leading an event centered around one of our simulators is a rewarding way to engage others on equitable and high-leverage climate action. As our partner Professor John Sterman says, “Research shows that showing people research doesn’t work,” so we create experiences for people to use our tools with their peers to enable deeper understanding of the systems shaping our world. This approach comes from MIT Sloan School of Management where these types of interactive exercises are used to train top business leaders. Our guided experiences have been used with a wide range of audiences from heads of state to middle school students.

All of our materials are free and offered in a number of languages, and can be run online or in-person. If you are interested in leading an event, we encourage you to browse the resources below and navigate events which are complementary to the En-ROADS Simulator or the C-ROADS Simulator. If you are interested in leading En-ROADS events, we highly encourage you to explore the Mastering En-ROADS Training Program.

Don’t feel ready to lead your own En-ROADS or C-ROADS event yet? No worries! Explore our schedule of free online events to participate in.

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Lead an En-ROADS Event

En-ROADS Climate Workshop

Lead groups through an interactive workshop with input from your participants. This workshop allows you to use En-ROADS to visualize the impacts of implementing multi-sector climate solutions in real-time.



Climate Action Simulation Game

Engage groups with an interactive role-playing game, where participants take on the role of global stakeholders while proposing climate solutions to limit warming below 2°C and build a collective scenario of success.

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En-ROADS Guided Assignment

Use this exercise to introduce your audience to what it will take to address climate change. Our video tour and worksheet will guide your group through the En-ROADS interface, while also exploring key simulator dynamics.



Lead a C-ROADS Event

World Climate Simulation

Play a mock-UN climate negotiation role-playing game which explores the level of action nations must commit to in order to effectively address climate change using the C-ROADS simulator.



The C-ROADS Student Assignment

Use the C-ROADS simulator to create climate scenarios and critically reflect on the implications of the future that has been imagined. This worksheet can be completed alone or in a group.