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En-ROADS Climate Workshop

Join us for the En-ROADS Climate Workshop, an interactive, virtual experience that we have co-developed with the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative.

During the workshop, you'll be able to visualize the impact of different climate solutions in real-time, using the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator—a user-friendly climate model. We'll use En-ROADS to explore the impacts of cross-sector solutions—from carbon pricing, to energy efficiency, to innovations in new technology—and learn about how to create equitable transformation. The En-ROADS Climate Workshop is a free event, and is a great remote learning experience for people of all backgrounds and expertises. We encourage you to invite your co-workers, community group, family, students, or anyone else who comes to mind.

March 16, at 7am and 2pm ET:

Earth Day Special—April 20, at 7am and 2pm ET:

Mastering En-ROADS Training Program

Join our self-paced, online training program—Mastering En-ROADS—to advance your understanding of both the En-ROADS Simulator and its complementary learning experiences. The course will explore the dynamics driving our climate and energy system, interdisciplinary climate solutions, advanced facilitation tips, themes of equity and justice, event planning, and more. After you complete the training, you will be ready to become an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador and be part of this growing community that is cultivating climate action around the world.

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