Food Systems

Food Systems

Food Systems

Helping decision-makers understand agriculture’s role in solving multiple problems

The planet is getting hotter. Rainfall patterns will become more problematic for farmers. At the same time that scientists tell us about these difficult climate problems, our farmers will need to increase production to feed a projected two billion more people in 2050 than we feed today.

These dueling trends — more people to feed and yet more difficult climatic conditions to grow food — are the reason that Climate Interactive is creating food system modeling tools. Our goal is to help policymakers and practitioners see how their decisions can not only lead to larger agricultural production, but also how agriculture can be part of the climate change mitigation solution.

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A quick note:
Our latest research on food and agriculture systems have been incorporated into the En-ROADS and C-ROADS Climate Simulators. The tools listed below are no longer being updated and do not reflect the latest research and analysis on food systems.

Climate Interactive has developed several tools for analysis and engagement:

  • Global Food Systems Model – This tool provides a big picture view of the food system allowing stakeholders to see how food waste, yield changes, land-use, and agroecological policies interact to affect food production and agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Agriculture and Land-use Policy Simulator (ALPS) – This tool has the ability to look at national-scale agricultural policy through 2050. It projects, based on national datasets, how policies and climatic changes will affect food production, water management, land-use, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Agritopia roleplay exercise – Agritopia is a lively role-playing game for groups in which participants debate agricultural policy. Agritopia allows participants to explore the interconnected dynamics of economic development, agriculture policy, and climate change. It uses our interactive ALPS model to rapidly analyze the results of the decisions made during the event.

Explore some of our resources below!

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Compare different national agricultural policy scenarios, changing land-use, livestock, crop practices, and more using the ALPS simulator.


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Play “Agritopia”, where you’re challenged with deciding national agricultural policy, including land-use, livestock, crop practices, and more.

Climate Paralysis? Try Multisolving.

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Explore our latest research and writing on food, land, and agriculture—including insights related to food in the En-ROADS simulator.


Climate Interactive works with partners in both agriculture research and policymaking. If you are interested in either contributing to the tools or using the tools for a policy process, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and evolving our Food Systems decision support tools to help you make better decisions.