Mastering En-ROADS Training Series

Mastering En-ROADS is a consecutive series of webinars which supports individuals as they work through the En-ROADS training plan. Watching this series is a key step in preparation to run events such as the En-ROADS Climate Workshop and Climate Action Simulation game – either as a facilitator or as an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador.  There are many unique resources nested in these webinars; watching these recordings and exploring the related materials is a great way to supplement your knowledge on the model, game, workshop, and other topics. This series will enhance your ability to engage people with the model, lead interactive group experiences, and spark effective climate action.

You can participate in our training series in one of three ways (all are free!):

1) Watching the recordings on your own and following the rest of the steps in the En-ROADS training plan
2) Signing up for our guided email training course; or 
3) Participating in the live training series when it is offered. We concluded our last live version of the series in July 2020 – you can check our webinars and events page for updates on when we are running the next live trainings.

Below you will find the recordings from the Mastering En-ROADS live webinars we ran in May-July 2020. These recordings offer the same material as the live version of the series, and Ambassadors-in-training can use any of the three methods to fulfill their application requirements.

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En-ROADS 101: How You Can Engage People with the Simulator

This webinar provides an overview of the ways that En-ROADS can be used as well as highlights some of the dynamics that En-ROADS can showcase that are explored more in-depth in subsequent webinars. This webinar is led by Climate Interactive’s Co-Director and Co-Founder Andrew Jones.

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The En-ROADS Climate Workshop

The En-ROADS Climate Workshop is an extremely rewarding and successful way to deliver climate insights to your desired community – be it your workplace, university, social network, and beyond. During this webinar, we explore dynamics of the workshop, cover facilitation techniques and methodology, and also run a condensed version of the workshop.

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The Climate Action Simulation

During this webinar, we cover the different elements that come together for the En-ROADS group role-playing game, the Climate Action Simulation. The Climate Action Simulation game is a unique group experience which allows participants to adopt the roles of international, multi-sector stakeholders as they forge their way towards a global climate action plan.

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Simulator Dynamics – Part 1

This webinar covers the ins-and-outs of the sliders on En-ROADS with a particular focus on the things that people ask about most frequently. For example: “How can I show vegetarian diets?”, “What if we had no new coal?”, or “What about carbon capture and storage?”. We look at the advanced sliders in En-ROADS and also explore which graphs are most relevant when analyzing specific policies and solutions.

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Simulator Dynamics – Part 2

During this webinar, we explore some of the main system dynamics principles which dictate the model’s behavior -– such as the rebound effect, the progress ratio, supply constraints, and more. We walk through these key concepts and also address tactics for explaining complex dynamics during the game and workshop.

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Multisolving: Using En-ROADS to Make Connections to Health, Equity, Justice, & Well-being

Essential to building support for climate action is an examination of the many other issues that climate change touches. In this webinar we explore the co-benefits that you can highlight with En-ROADS and how framing things as efforts toward multisolving can advance multiple priorities at once. This webinar is led by Climate Interactive’s Co-Director and Co-Founder Dr. Elizabeth Sawin. Multisolving focuses on the development of real-world climate solutions that are rooted in environmental justice, while also offering co-benefits in health, well-being, climate resilience, and beyond.

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Advanced Facilitation

During this session, we share important insights which will prepare you to be an effective En-ROADS facilitator. This webinar covers need-to-know facilitation tips, teaches you how to answer difficult participant questions, and more. This webinar is an invaluable resource for you to successfully lead participants in your events and inspire climate action.

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Confidence-building, testing, and under the hood with En-ROADS

This webinar walks through the model-comparisons and the extensive testing our team has conducted in order to build confidence in the En-ROADS simulator.

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Additional Webinars

Using En-ROADS to Engage Online Audiences

Watch this webinar to explore our numerous resources to engage online audiences with En-ROADS. In addition, this webinar addresses important insights on how to lead effective and dynamic events virtually – from choosing the right platform, to facilitation tips.

More videos on En-ROADS available here.