Photo of Rebecca Niles


LOCATION: Littleton, Massachusetts, United States of America
AUDIENCE TYPES: Business, Community organization, Educators, Government / policymakers, Students

Rebecca Niles specializes in applying systems thinking and strategy for corporate and philanthropic entities including Rippel Foundation’s ReThink Health initiative and Climate Interactive. Recently,Rebecca was a key contributor to the team that expanded the ReThink Health Dynamics Model to incorporate the likely effect of proposed economic expansion in Michigan—demonstrating that efforts to attract in-migration while increasing jobs for existing citizens can be a powerful part of a regional portfolio to improve population health. With Climate Interactive she was instrumental in developing the Agritopia Game from a developing model and in equipping partners at HSBC to use the En-Roads model to furthertheir sustainability goals. After graduating with a BS and MBA from MIT, Rebecca began her career as a strategy consultant for Monitor Company and worked as vice president of acquisitions in affordable housing for Boston Financial. Since then she has worked as a systems thinking and strategy consultant in diverse content areas, including affordable population health, climate change, recycling, water resources, health, and manufacturing, and for clients including Vistaprint, AT&T, Ford, Amoco, Shell, USDA,and the US Forestry Service.She has been a guest lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, Dartmouth, and Brown.


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