Photo of Jeroen Struben


LOCATION: Lyon, France
FACILITATION LANGUAGES: English, Nederlands (Dutch)
AFFILIATION: Associate Professor at Emlyon Business School
AUDIENCE TYPES: Business, Community organization, Educators, Government / policymakers, Students

Jeroen Struben is Associate Professor at Emlyon Business School studying dynamics of market transformations towards sustainable pathways. He examines market formation processes-over-time interactions across stakeholders working through social and material adoption challenges. Jeroen tackles these problems using methods ranging from simulation to empirical analysis of large spatiotemporal datasets, among others in contexts of sustainable mobility and nutritious food. His research produces insights for both scholars and practitioners about market formation challenges and individual/collective & private/public strategies. Through his research Jeroen has worked with organizations within and across automotive, energy, public health, food, and fishery sectors. He teaches topics related systems thinking, sustainability, and innovation. Jeroen received his PhD at MIT’s Sloan School of Management andholds an MsC in Physics from Delft University of Technology. Jeroen has facilitated over 10 events using the C-ROADS and En-ROADS simulation models in Canada and France.


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