Photo of Esmé Fantozzi


LOCATION: Friesland, Netherlands
FACILITATION LANGUAGES: English, Italiano (Italian)
AFFILIATION: Energy Executive, Energy Transition Consultant
EVENT TYPE: The En-ROADS Climate Workshop

Esmé Fantozzi is the founder of a consultancy specialised in energy transition-driven strategy, risk mitigation, and new value generation. She focuses on the energy and other hard-to-decarbonise sectors.

She holds a Master of Engineering in Supply Chain and Logistics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where she attended Professor John Sterman’s team System Dynamics classes, and a bachelor's/master’s degree in Physics. Her consultancy is part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community and she has completed certified courses on Transition to a Decarbonised Economy, and Energy Markets (both, TU Delft) and Circular Economy of Metals (U Leiden).

Esmé brings to her Climate Workshops relevant business and geo-political context and leadership experience from a two and a half decades career in the energy industry, spanning operational, strategic, and innovation-related roles, across the world, in IOC, NOC and operated and non-operated ventures. Leveraging her background, she assists participants in exploring opportunities, risk mitigations, organisational transformations, leadership implications, and data/information foundations as they build their scenarios. Esmé sees the En-ROADS simulator as an extremely powerful tool for decision-makers, a spring-board for creativity in the workforce, and a trigger to transformative corporate action and policy-setting.

She has held Climate Workshops for groups between 2 and 18 participants in the energy, oil and gas services, management consulting, arts, and information technology sectors.


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