Photo of Christoph Mandl


LOCATION: Vienna, Austria
FACILITATION LANGUAGES: English, Deutsch (German)
AFFILIATION: Adjunct Professor at University of Vienna, Senior Lecturer at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, and Member of The Balaton Group
EVENT TYPES: The Climate Action Simulation game, The En-ROADS Climate Workshop
AUDIENCE TYPES: Business, Community organization, Educators, Government / policymakers, Students

“My favorite quote of a group of students at the end of the event is: ‘We have seen how difficult it is to find a common agreement, even though all parties are pursuing the same goal. We also gained insights into the different climate changing variables and how they are related.’"

Christoph Mandl has his PhD in Operations Research from the ETH Zurich. He is an adjunct professor at University of Vienna and a senior lecturer at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna. Christoph is a member of The Balaton Group. Beyond this, Christoph is a founding member of Society for Organizational Learning, Austria and a member of the System Dynamics Society. Christoph is alumni of IIASA -International Institute of Applied System Analysis. He is an author of “Managing Complexity in Social Systems: Leverage Points for Policy and Strategy”.


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