Photo of Andrei Covatariu


LOCATION: Bucharest, Romania, Romania
FACILITATION LANGUAGES: English, Română (Romanian)
AUDIENCE TYPES: Business, Community organization, Government / policymakers, Students

“I had the immense opportunity to co-lead an En-ROADS workshop for the 24th World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. We had 120 young professionals working in different sub-sectors of the energy spectrum, representing all geographies, with different backgrounds e.g., engineering, economy, political sciences. At the end of the workshop, I felt a sense of responsibility and pride to be able to facilitate a session with the most promising energy leaders of tomorrow. A Japanese saying states, ‘A man is whatever room he is in’. And I think we were all in the right room!”

Andrei Covatariu is the Public Affairs Manager at Enel Romania. He is a board member of the World Energy Council FEL-100 (Future Energy Leaders) community. He is also a Senior Research Associate and the Summer School Director at Energy Policy Group, a Bucharest-based leading think-tank for energy policy, market analytics and strategy. In 2019, Andrei founded, a think tank focusing on water-related issues and their long-term effects on the European region. Having extensive studies in both engineering and economy, Andrei’s interests revolve around climate change, energy strategy, energy security, European energy policy, energy poverty and geopolitics of energy.Andrei has led groups of energy students and professionals through the En-ROADS simulation.

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