En-ROADS Testimonials

En-ROADS lit my brain on fire….in one screen, the model communicates the urgency of the climate change threat, powerfully debunks cherished myths, confirmed the importance of current commitments and emphasizes how much more we have to do.”

Roberta Barbieri, PepsiCo VP, Global Water & Environmental Solutions

The workshop is an eye-opener and an amazing way to organize my understanding of the climate solution landscape. The model’s interactive tool reinforces my understanding that not a single solution can solve the climate crisis, but it can only be mitigated through a massive combination of efforts in every single area. It also provides me with the toolkit to pitch and present how and why my workplace needs to take the most sustainable options available to us whenever there’s a choice.”

Ha Vu, Senior Software Engineer, Broadway Technology

I was fascinated by the En-ROADS tool and grateful to learn about it from Chris, one of the En-ROADS team members. The interactive demonstration was fun, and the experience overall was inspiring. I’m planning to highlight the En-ROADS simulator in an upcoming talk at a [virtual] conference and hope that greater awareness of resources like this will lead to more informed and effective climate action at all levels of society.”

Tim Falls, Strategic Advisor, WEAVR

As a novice on climate change mitigation, the En-ROADS simulation was powerful. It helped answer the question of acuity — what solutions have the highest impact — and in experimenting with it, I gained new perspectives on where my contribution can be of greatest help. I plan to revisit the tool often.”

Zubair Jandali, Advisor and former VP of Sales, Reddit

An Amazing tool.”

Tarik Meliani, Cargill International Regional Manager

This tool MUST be a pre-requisite for all college applications, organization recruitment and elected official eligibility. Everyone needs to be able to play with and see the potential impact of mitigation and adaptation measures on what is definitely the most dominant problem of our times – the global climate emergency!”

Anirudh Gupta, Program Manager & Director at Sustainability Mafia, former Airbus Business Development Executive

The tool itself is so simple to use, holds so much information behind it, and distillsso many concepts into such clarity, most because of the interactive nature. Of course, it’s built on assumptions, but just by interacting with the tool, and using it as a basis for conversations, it helps to focus in on some of those assumptions and provide clarity in discussions. I will definitely be coming back to it over and over in the future, especially when talking about climate policy and policy predictions. Most of all, it highlights that no single solution will solve this crisis, but action is needed on all fronts, and in a big way.”

Liam Hardy, Data Analyst at Good Things Foundation

I found the En-ROADS tool very useful on two fronts 1) Imagining and experimenting with the various pathways humanity takes and associated challenges (for example increased energy costs) 2) It is a great way of using data to explain the importance of certain steps to change-makers and actors in the fields. I would recommend it to everyone, irrespective of their association with climate work.”

Nilesh Bansod, early-stage VC, ex-BCG

The En-ROADS Simulator by Climate Interactive is an incredible interactive modeling tool that showcases how various climate initiatives impact forecasted global temperature changes. It’s been a critical factor in helping me understand what initiatives have the potential to drive the greatest impacts on our changing climate.”

Cody Simms, Partner and Senior VP at Techstars

We brought the En-ROADS simulator to a small group of our employees, and I was completely blown away by the insights it delivered. For a company like ours at the beginning of our climate journey, it was an invaluable exercise. My biggest takeaway was that we need to share this tool with more of our employees!

Erin Baudo Felter, VP, Social Impact and Sustainability, Okta