Climate Action Simulation Materials

If you haven’t already, take the Mastering En-ROADS course to learn how to lead the Climate Action Simulation with En-ROADS, and then return here to retrieve materials for running the game. The Climate Action Simulation has been run by people of all backgrounds and skill sets. With some preparation you can lead this highly engaging exercise and enable people to explore what is needed to address the climate challenge. The Climate Action Simulation can be run both in-person and online. Find all the materials below.

Looking to run an En-ROADS event in a language other than English? Explore this worksheet or our languages page.

Materials for Facilitators
Materials to provide to Participants

In the Climate Action Simulation game, participants are divided into teams that represent different global stakeholders of business, government, and civil society who can drive climate solutions. Typically, the game is played with teams divided into either 6 or 8 stakeholder groups, depending on the nature and/or size of the audience. We recommend selecting either the 6-team or the 8-team formats, aiming for 3 to 10 participants per group. In either setup, there exists an opportunity to include an extra stakeholder group—Banking and Finance—providing an enriched gameplay experience.

Additional group

For either the 6-team or 8-team version, you can optionally add the Banking and Finance group. Use the Quick Download, which includes:

Description of Game Materials:

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