Climate Action Simulation Materials

Climate Action Simulation Materials

If you haven’t already, complete our En-ROADS training plan to learn how to lead the Climate Action Simulation, and then return here to retrieve materials for running the game.

The Climate Action Simulation has been run by people of all backgrounds and skill sets. With a little preparation you can lead this highly engaging exercise and enable people to explore what is needed to address the climate challenge. The Climate Action Simulation can be run both in-person and online. Find all the materials below.

Looking to run an En-ROADS event in a language other than English? Explore this worksheet or our languages page to see what resources we have available.

Looking for a student homework or in-class assignment? We’ve developed this guided assignment, which guides students in creating an En-ROADS scenario and reflecting on the implications of their decisions. This is an individual computer assignment, and it can be used in addition to the game or as a separate activity.

Materials for Facilitators

Quick download of all materials includes presentation slides, the facilitator guide, the one page guide to the control panel, briefing materials, name tag templates, and table labels.

The Climate Action Simulation Facilitator GuideLearn how to lead the simulation with this comprehensive instruction manual that walks you through key concepts in running the Climate Action Simulation, from preparation and room setup, to sample scripts and debrief techniques.

Presentation Slides Present these slides to participants, which include roleplay instructions, background information, and data on climate impacts. These slides will serve as your guide throughout the different aspects of the game.

Supplemental SlidesPick and choose from these additional slides to include in your presentation.

The En-ROADS SimulatorParticipants will use the En-ROADS climate solutions simulation model to determine the effects of their decisions on the climate in real-time.

Use this Online Worksheet to assign your participants roles ahead of time, provide their briefing sheets, and virtual backgrounds. We recommend “copy and pasting” the contents of this sheet to your own version so that you can edit and share with your participants.

Materials to Provide to Participants

Briefing Statements –These briefings provide background information used to orient participants within the Climate Action Simulation to their assigned roles. Participants are divided into teams that represent different global stakeholders of business, government, and civil society who can drive climate solutions. Typically, the Climate Action Simulation is played with teams divided into 6 stakeholder groups:

However, you may choose to change your groups based on the nature and/or size of your audience. Additionally, we offer an 8 stakeholder version of the game. Here you can chose to add roles for the following additional country groups, instead of just “World Governments”. Feel free to also create your own groups.

We also offer an additional optional stakeholder group — Banking and Finance — which you can add to either the 6 or 8-team version of the game.

En-ROADS One-page Guide to the Control Panel – A basic overview to the main sliders driving En-ROADS behavior.

Proposal Form – For participants to compile their proposed actions.

Table Cards –To print and place on tables to identify each group (6 stakeholder version and 8 stakeholder version).

Team Name Tags –To print on adhesive name tags to help participants identify what groups they belong to (6 stakeholder version and 8 stakeholder version)

Additional Materials

Climate Change Fact Sheet – a brief overview on some of the key dynamics of climate change, including greenhouse gas emission levels, trends in sea level rise, and temperature change.

Carbon Dioxide Removal Infographic – An infographic explaining the six types of carbon dioxide removal approaches explored in En-ROADS.

The En-ROADS Guided Assignment– A worksheet which guides students in creating an En-ROADS scenario and reflecting on the implications of their decisions. This is an individual computer assignment, and it can be used in addition to the game or as a separate activity.

US vs. Global Supplemental Slide–Explore this additional slide deck with key statistics from the U.S. as they pertain to each of the 18 actions (sliders) in En-ROADS. Have a version of this slide deck for your country or region? Feel free to send it to us at so we can share with others!
These materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This license lets you remix, adapt, and build upon Climate Interactive’s work, even commercially, as long as you give Climate Interactive credit for the original creation of the materials.

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